The natural appeal of rattan furniture

The natural appeal of rattan furniture

Rattan and cane have quickly become two of the hottest new design elements as alternatives to wood for being the new favourite natural materials with pristine texture for greater interest in your living space. The rattan palm is a natural vine that grows in Southeast Asia and its fibres that are used for creating cane and rattan are lightweight as well as durable, a perfect combination for leaving the most attractive end results.

Timeless look

Staying ‘on trend’ with interior scheme is something that many people aspire to do, however, to change the look of your space after every few years can become exhausting and rather costly. It is best to invest in a quality furniture that will not date even if the colour scheme or flooring of the home will be changed. Thanks to rattan's timeless, bohemian look and natural feel, it works well with a wide variety of living spaces. The carefully woven, sculpted feel is elegant but the natural fibers help add a sense of casualness. 

Great natural colour

Because rattan creates an earthy and light feeling while still being super modern and stylish, the golden colour instantly brightens a room. This neutral colour is less demanding therefore you can be sure to find a scheme that best works for you and add the elegant, classic and never out of style rattan or cane furniture to the space. While being calming as well as easy to match to an interior, its surge in popularity is self-explanatory. From an apartment to a suburban semi, there is a stylish rattan design that will fit the interior scheme of the home.


With the growing environmental consciousness, people prefer to incorporate more natural elements into their homes. Rattan and cane are the ultimate eco-friendly options thanks to their fast-growing nature. The high demand for natural furniture have lead to cane and rattan being used in anything from headboards to dining chairs, bringing in a touch of uncomplicated, casual style to schemes of any sort.


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