How to Add Instant Character and Meaning to Your Home

How to Add Instant Character and Meaning to Your Home

Are you eager to really showcase your personality as a homeowner? Then we suggest you keep on reading as we have outlined the kind of home accents and objects that best add character to any home. It is obvious that one can use almost any type of accessory to add life to their home, but if the objects you use have a special meaning or purpose, personalising your décor will become an absolute joy.


Try to incorporate nature 

Decorative objects are a great way to introduce more natural materials to your home. This could be anything from a beautiful piece of driftwood, a bowl of fruit or some fresh flowers. Our stone sculptures on stand add a lot of movement and new found energy to your decor.


Small Decorative Trays

Serving trays together with little trays are a great addition on top of a stack of books or on an entry table to catch change and keys. Additionally, decorative trays serve as great home accents that are paired well with coffee tables that need an extra bit of spark to them.


Play With Proportion

This exquisite Glass Decorative Chess Set is playing with shape and scale in so many ways - each piece offers a universe of inspiration. For extra sleek impact and proportional intrigue, place the chess board on a lower coffee table or a window seal.


Odd numbers are visually more appealing

Odd numbers of items have long been heralded by designers and stylists as magical numbers that should be applied to interiors to make them look even better. Our Wels Sculpture is formed by detachable abstract figures, which offers several options to style in your home. 


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