Choose the ultimate investment in versatile armchair beyond the living room

Choose the ultimate investment in versatile armchair beyond the living room

Everyone loves an exquisitely enhanced indulgent armchair to lounge in after a long day. Therefore, serious consideration has to be given to the idea of adding one of the most versatile pieces of furniture in different living spaces of the house for the optimum interior luxury. We are going to uncover all the amazing ways these wonderful chairs can complement your home.

Living Room

Living room is the centre of the home and deserves to be recognised for the furniture pieces picked for this area in order to lounge both alone and with friends. The armchair can be matched with the coffee table and the sofa or a different look can be chosen for a varied aesthetic.

Crafted from iron, Graeme Grey Armchair’s angular and open frame sports a sleek finish, the clean lines perfectly match the ergonomic design that offers an undeniable comfort. Corrected linen fabric upholstery in a dark grey hue envelops the seat, giving this design the versatility to complement most colour palettes.

Home Office

If you own a study or an office, then a classic leather chair is a must. A true leather armchair exudes vintage modern charm that helps create the ultimate environment for concentration.



With elements of industrial design, the Aster Leather Armchair promises to withstand ever-changing interior trends, making it the ideal interior investment. Available with high-quality luxe leather upholstery that is coated in a film of polyurethane, the armchair is spills resistant as well as incredibly hard-wearing.

Reading Nook

Any lover of books unquestionably desires to own their dream reading nook with the most stylish yet comfortable armchair. A space that is dedicated for hours of adventures needs a chair with the main priority on the armrests themselves to be able to rest arms.



Tiara Oak Armchair in grey velvet upholstery and a back cushion for extra comfort showcases an exquisitely simple frame crafted in solid oak. Pair it with a statement cushion of your choice for a pop of colour to bring variety to the reading space as the compact design of the armchair promises to withstand ever-changing interior trends.


Add a super comfy armchair to compliment the softness and coziness of the quietest room of the house to maintain your safe space. A wonderfully designed seating that looks easy on the eye can be used as an extra space for clothes or to take breaks to quiet the mind right before or after sleep.



The Medi Art Deco - inspired multi-colour armchair has a modern and sleek structure that offers an irresistible comfort in abundance. Showcasing geometric textiles in an intriguing blue yellow cream palette, the linen upholstery of the cushioned seat and padded back create a striking living room addition. 


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