The main benefits of opting for light and bright furniture in your home decor

The main benefits of opting for light and bright furniture in your home decor

Bright sofas and armchairs have become a symbol of luxury, aristocracy and refined taste. More recently, the furniture of light colours was used as a primary seating amongst only the wealthiest of families. But today, almost anyone can use these luxurious pieces to transform their living space into their favourite room in the house. We have outlined three reasons why you should embrace the trend and opt for a white seating in your living space.


Easy to style

"Bright sofa is like a little black dress" - Dior Furniture NYC

Light is a universal shade, which means it is well combining with a wide spectra of other colours. It is recommended to opt for a mixture of other colour shades to help emphasise the best aspects of the furniture design. However, there are other ways than strategically placing accent cushions right on the sofa. For instance, to add colour at ground level area rugs are a great way, along with wall art, curtains and other decor items. Also, you can combine the furniture of light colours with other seating options from different shades of colour to complement each other, such as armchairs or loungers.

Upholstered in velvet, our Treccia Velvet Sofa radiates vintage glam vibes with a mid-high back, track arms, tapered wood legs and the button tufting round this piece out with a touch of mid-century style.


Never goes out of style 

While it’s true that there are decor trends and colour schemes that come and go, light furniture is one that ceases to fade from popularity in the decor world. The spectrum of light shades can be used in a variety of styles, for example classical mixed with a modern to bring minimalist sense, a mid-century modern silhouette for a streamlined look that can be dressed up or down or a Victorian frame that brings antique into the modern world. The different styles of bright sofas look perfect not only in a single version, but also in a group of other light furniture pieces such as other sofas, armchairs or stools. 

This Eton Swivelling Armchair is crafted from pine wood, featuring a curved barrel silhouette for a mod aesthetic and its swivel feature gives this handsome plush chair a smooth, 360° of motion.


Brightens the room

White sofas are known to lighten and brighten a dreary room. From a visual point of view, the colour is soft and is ideal for both large and small spaces. However, it is safe to say that two or more light colour seating options can do even more for a dull and dark room. When the idea of placing an additional white furniture in the small space strikes, do not forget about measuring and planning out the room, because no matter how light and airy a piece of furniture looks, too big or too small can end up doing more harm and make a room look and feel crowded.

Designed with clean lines, a curved seat and arched back, this lavish Avant Classic Chaise Lounge offers a classic yet simple design wrapped in linen upholstery with button tufting.

Living room furniture is usually used as the primary seating in the house and should be purchased with a lot of thought and consideration. Every light piece of furniture will look inviting on its own right while blending effortlessly together with the rest of the furniture pieces to bring some much needed clarity into our messy but beautiful lives.


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