How to select and style cushions for a look you’ll absolutely adore

How to select and style cushions for a look you’ll absolutely adore

Decorative cushions provide one of the easiest and cost-effective ways to change up the look of your room with no commitment. However, the process of browsing through the endless selection of cushions, all the colour scehemes and patterns on offer, can become quite overwhelming. The following paragraphs are going to reveal some of the best tips to follow to make the cushions on your sofa look great. Remeber, flexibility is the key, you can always change up the cushions and try different new styles. 

The size of the cushion matters

When selecting desirable cushions, size should be a big consideration. It is important to remember that these accessories should compliment the furniture, not overshadow it. Start with our 50 x 50 cm size cushions and place them angled in the arm of the sofa. Finish off the look with our 30 x 50 cm size cushions to create more fluidity and movement on the otherwise stiff modular sofa.

Use odd numbers

Always decorate your sofa with an odd number of accessories such as three or five, especially if you aim for a more modern look. That is unless you have a sofa that is longer than seven-feet, in which case an even number of cushions should be used on each end of the sofa. Alternatively use two or three cushions on each end as well as one gluster of cushions in the middle of the sofa.

Mix patterns and textures

Go ahead and mix bold patterns together with various textures you love, it is perfectly okay! Your cushions don’t need to have the same fabric texture, add leather in the arrangement of cushions made of more traditional cotton. When mixing patterns, a cushion with a solid colour should be picked first. Next, at least one or two of the cushions that feature the same colour should be added to the mix, even if it has as little as just a dot of the same shade. 

Comfortable does not mean more

Although decorative, cushions are meant to add comfort to your upholstered furniture pieces. However, there is a line between enjoying the ultimate comfort of having many cushions and making your sofa packed. The latter can lead to a new time consuming activity of having to always create space for yourself to relax. If a thought about having too many cushions in your living room setting has crossed your mind by now, we highly recommend to take one or two away!

It is not easy to browse through all the imaginable cushion options available to find just a few. Hopefully, by following our four styling tips, the process will be a lot easier and less stressful from now on. As long as you opt for the right size, number, and bold mix of patterns and textures, it is impossible to go wrong as the throw cushions are designed to be interchangeable and versatile.


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