Get acquainted with the increasingly popular modern industrial interior design

Get acquainted with the increasingly popular modern industrial interior design

Add something special to your home with our industrial chic furniture collection, an increasingly popular aesthetic trend in interior design. The modern industrial look was born as a result of old factories, warehouses and industrial buildings being converted into living spaces. It comprises of stripped back architectural details creating a perfect play of contrasts between sleek modern and old world charm. When it comes to designing industrial style homes, how to make the look work for you?


Combine wood and metal

The best way to achieve the industrial interior look is by combining distressed grainy wood elements and smooth metal finishes with brushed brass to accent the weathered looking pieces. The use of structural metal looks wonderful in the contemporary home to bring industrial appeal. When shopping for wooden pieces the concentration should be on finding furniture that looks like it has history, with natural, bare finishes and materials.

Bran Coffee Table and Bran Bedside Table are handcrafted from durable fir wood with a dark grey distressed finish that works well with the sturdy brushed brass legs as well as the square accessories offering spacious storage solution and that extra bit of industrial glamour.


Use furniture with minimal detailing

When planning an industrial style living room, keep comfort in mind although everything should be trimmed of excess for a minimal take. Choose furnishings that have a simple design, solid upholstery in natural textures and neutral colours. Despite its simplicity and minimal design, industrial style manages to create a bold statement. 

Ker Brown Leather Armchair is flaunting high-quality leather, ultra durable steel frame and natural elm wood armrests. The luxurious seating experience makes it feel as though you really are inside a turn-of-the-century factory. 


Accessorise with expressive artwork

Another way to bring industrial architectural details into your home is to use vibrant abstract artwork to express your creative design style. Bold graphics and murals make an instant accent wall in your bedroom or living room, especially if you keep the style of the room cool and masculine. Opting for a design inspiration that fits your personal preferences is the way to go as anything that reminds you of that time period will do the job.

Ivan Oil Painting portrays a strong expressive abstract with a hidden story that can be shared in a variety of interpretations. Hand-painted to order using exquisite oil paints on a canvas base, the painting is an ideal companion to an industrial style space.


Create mixture of old and new

The beauty of adding industrial elements into your home is the ability to mix and match your current contemporary styles with architectural details showcasing antique finish. Modern day furniture with sleek lines or accessories such as soft fluffy carpets can borrow cues from the industrial era with simple yet bold shelving to give a nod to a well-suited industrial feel. 

Volara Modern Golden Shelf is an elegant design with distressed cedar and majestic brushed brass base. Perfect storage solution for books and a showcase for treasured objects with bare textured finish yet modern design.

Natural wood with antique finish, cabinets on metal feet, brushed brass for accents are all suitable materials to achieve the perfect industrial-inspired design at your home. When looking to master industrial look the best part is the ability to mix and match your already existing contemporary styles with older inspired architectural details to bring fresh new feeling to your home.


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