Home is not just an asset, it’s where people spend their lives, their best days and worst days.

Designer and founder Summer Weng entered into the furniture business and set up SOTTI&CO in 2018, this London-based brand celebrates a style that is classic and comfortable with the ambition to make good design accessible to the largest possible audience.


This career path was planted in her blood, born in China to a traditional family, who has run business in furniture in the past 20 years. Being a tireless advocate for winnowing out modern furnishings and great designs full of vitality and unlimited reverie. 

The mission for SOTTI&CO is to create a true “home” for the owners— It needs to make sense, have all the modern comforts but remain true to its original beauty and heritage. It should reflect them, their ideas, and their interests through a consonant mix of colours, motifs, furnishings, art, and accessories with their surroundings, helping them embrace the beauty of everyday living. That’s what Summer and SOTTI&CO are practising, in the long run, SOTTI&CO is not just about decors, but a way of life.