Sotti & Co majors in the fine details which means one small touch can change the entire atmosphere of your house.

A person’s home should be their sanctuary, a place they come to rest and recharge in between the chaos of every day life. Sotti & Co makes that a breeze with their huge range of soft tones and comfortable furnishings.

With their wide range of cushions, you can find many pieces to fit your style. Start with picking out colours from your favourite piece of art that already hangs proudly on your wall.


Now, combine the colours with Sotti & Co’s sophisticated cushions, in the shades that match and complement your artwork. With this tip, you can quickly refresh your living spaces and give them a makeover that will turn your home into a modern museum of art.

Erin Multi-Coloured Geometric Embroidered Cushion

Combined with the art in the photo are three cushions that complement the tones of the portrait. First, the living room shows off the gorgeous Erin Multi-Coloured Geometric Embroidered Cushion which flaunts a soft texture, pastel tones and a hint of designer sensation in any room.

Hera Pale Blue Satin Jacquard Cushion

Paired with it is the Hera Pale Blue Satin Jacquard Cushion. Notice how the blues complement the cool undertones of the painting which otherwise might go unnoticed. Because pink is the boldest colour in the portrait, the cushions feature this colour in quieter shades. 

Aurora Luxurious Mottled Polka-Dot Jacquard Cushion

Lastly, the Aurora Luxurious Mottled Polka-Dot Jacquard Cushion fills the gaps and add an interesting shape to the otherwise square collection of cushions. It has a wide stripe of pink which pairs beautifully with the painting, without being overpowering. With these three unique cushion designs and their varying textures, shapes and colours, anyone can combine their new pieces with their already existing artwork to completely revamp their living space into a luxurious and elegant quarter.