“Abstract art enables the artist to perceive beyond the tangible, to extract the infinite out of the finite. It is the emancipation of the mind. It is an exploration into unknown areas.” – Arshile Gorky

When Piet Mondrian died in 1944, he left behind a collection of abstract paintings. He was influential in the movement of geometric art. He used horizontal and vertical lines to capture the boldness of primary colours within his created squares.

When seen up close, Mondrian’s paintings carry a variation of shades and textures. He used common ideas such as primary colours and the rectangle to create an entirely new movement of art. The Economist described as the “world’s greatest abstract geometrist”.

The Piet Mondrian movement has been an inspiration to Sotti & Co. His geometric talent has seeped into our own designs. Using his strict stern lines and small choice of colours per piece, we have created three cushions that inject the famous Piet Mondrian into any home.

Although each cushion surprises you with a different texture, such as silk and suede, they all feature an abstract pattern design.

The ADAM Geometric Green-Blue Contrast Colour Cushion has the ability to add interest to any corner of a room. With the classic Mondrian style abstract lines, this cushion can be artfully placed against your bed’s pillows, nuzzled into an armchair or as a geometric addition to a plain couch.

ADAM Geometric Green-Blue Contrast Colour Cushion   £58.00


Followed by the ALPHA Abstract Geometric Cushion, Piet Mondrian’s art is clearly at work. As influential now as he was in the early 20th century, this cushion embodies the power of his art. With the mesmerising design, and the mix of Mondrian’s geometric style and a rebellious circle shape, the cushion is perfect for those who like to mix classic with modern.

ALPHA Abstract Geometric Cushion £58.00


Finally, the BETA Abstract Geometric Cushion carries on the influential style of Piet Mondrian in fresh popping colours. Doused in a bright turquoise, this cushion is a statement piece in any home. It will get your guests talking, as well as appreciating the power art possesses to live on through decades, from a painting on a wall to an embroidered cushion in your home.


BETA Abstract Geometric Cushion £58.00