Surprise yourself. A new piece of furniture changes the whole vibe of a room.

Surprise yourself. A new piece of furniture changes the whole vibe of a room.

Your home is your very own art museum, your sanctuary. It deserves to be treated like one.

Sotti & Co created a designer range of side tables to be unique enough to change an entire living space.  

They are pillars of monument, built to speak volumes in a room. The side tables are strong enough to be the statement piece in a huge room, but elegant enough to complement the pieces you already have in your small corners.


ZYNN Designer Pyramid Side Table     


 The ZYNN Designer Pyramid Side Table marries two unique triangular shapes to create a powerful piece of home décor, perfect for small spaces or studio flats. The wide flat surface is ideal for displaying a bundle of your favourite books, a bouquet of flowers from a special someone, or a stylish lamp. When looking for something unique and powerful enough to transform a whole room, this side table is the one to choose.




To create the perfect rustic atmosphere in your home, treat yourself to the AVRO Designer 2 Top Side Table. Inspired by vintage meshing gears, this side table will take you right back to the Victorian era – or even further. It’s rustic, trendy and a perfect talking point for guests. The combination of pine and iron lets this piece stand out all on its own.




When looking for extra storage, Sotti & Co has side tables with drawers, too. For those of you who need a secret drawer to stash emergency pens, the TV remote, or maybe our journals, the LANTY Designer Side Table, made from elm and iron, is an eye-catching and impressive addition to any home. Its geometric details pair perfectly with any style of furniture to bring new life into a room. 




Finally, the details of the CORLO Cedar Side Table will charm you on a daily basis. With its glass surface, iron legs and cedar finish, it constantly wows. Beneath the glass is a gorgeous floral design that adds excitement to what could have been an ordinary side table. For something sophisticated and refined, the Corlo Cedar side table is the one.

As the perfect addition to spruce up any room, treat yourself to a Sotti & Co side table. Since the home is the place you reside in, recharge in, rejuvenate in, it’s time to transform it from ordinary to extraordinary.



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