What's trending in Summer 2020 - the key looks for updating interiors

What's trending in Summer 2020 - the key looks for updating interiors

Summer is in full swing and we thought that now is the perfect time to soak up some home decor inspiration. Whilst trends change and evolve, we have rounded up the top four home decor trends to help give our customers’ homes a refresh.

Classic Blue

A boundless blue hue, Classic Blue is evocative of the vast and infinite evening sky opening us up to a world of possibilities. - PANTONE

The American colour standards company Pantone picked the Classic Blue as their Colour of the Year 2020. The company’s reputation has evolved over the years, as their yearly pick portrays a reflection of the global mood. And the good news is that the trendy deep blue will pair well with many shades already in our homes.

Sotti&Co’s Koto Velvet Armchair is a stunning, timeless tub chair that represents a solid and dependable blue hue anyone can always rely on. We are living in a time that requires trust and faith, the slightly padded seat will offer just that with a curved back for that extra bit of comfort. The Classic Blue paired with a bold and vibrant golden band creates a perfect colour scheme for that summer interior makeover.


Abstract Energy

This is the 2020’s bold and sassy interior trend that reflects the warmth of the Summer. Decorating a bold colour or a minimalistic space with accents of contrasting and complementing bright colours or patterns can instantly deliver the abstract colour aesthetic. This fun, free-spirited interiors trend takes inspiration from abstract expressionist artwork. 

Zuna Paralleled Journey Cushion is a mesmerizing design detailed in orange-grey contrast colour that easily evokes emotion and creates a summery mood. Pair it with the Orange Cushion for a luxe abstract arrangement on your sofa or a bed. Boasting high-quality fabrics and playful designs, Sotti&Co's selection of cushions are all about expressing personality in your home.

Curvy Shapes 

The reemergence of furniture with round edges, inspired by the 60s, 70s and most importantly 80s, has made its way back but with a modern twist. Design emulating waves, circles, and curves offers a softness we crave and brings back nostalgic memories of the good old times. Using several curvy lines in a modern home will soften up the sharp edges and sleek lines to create an overall improved interior.

More than just a centerpiece to your living room look, with its curvy shape and round edges, the Ceres Mid-century 3 Seater Sofa defines an overall relaxed feel in the surrounding ambience. The elegant styling of this linen couch with intricate buttoning offers quality comfort you can count on for years to come. 


Home Office

Possibly the most relevant of interior design trends of 2020 is creating a home office. There are ways to become creative when designing your new working space by allocating some area from your guest room, dining room or perhaps even from your bedroom for a smart solution that helps anchor a space for work. 
If there simply is no room for creating a full office, you can invest in one or more comfortable dining chairs, such as Sotti&Co's Robin Leather Chair and create an office from the comfort of your dining area. These sleek eco-leather chairs are among our bestsellers and that is for a good reason as their versatile function and comfort ensures a luxurious working from home experience.


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