Bring your dull and cold walls alive - Sotti&Co has an exclusive range of oil paintings

Bring your dull and cold walls alive - Sotti&Co has an exclusive range of oil paintings

To express and impress, wall art is here for offering unique experiences for your guests. Sotti&Co’s brand new product launch offers a selection of fine paintings to choose from. Made exclusively with quality oil paints, a tradition that artists have followed for hundreds of years, offering the most lush and versatile home decoration solution.

Rosa Oil Painting presents a canvas base timeless touch that works wonderfully with both contemporary and classic interior aesthetics. When the artwork is hung, the rhythm and the balance of the whole space should be considered, making furniture as the main focus. The image above showcases how large single artworks work especially well in a linear configuration with components that are of the same size, such as the horizontal bench. 

Akello Oil Painting is boasting a striking colour palette making it the ultimate accessory for an ambient addition. As a reminiscent of topology, the frozen moment in time provides a momentary respite for contemplation within a world filled with motion. The deep mouldings on the wall deserve to be viewed only as of the serving companions to the alluring artwork, slowly blending into a rich united rhythm that has to be experienced.  

Enjoy a window to another world with the immersive and exquisitely varied Valdis Oil Painting. Thick amounts of colour across the canvas give this piece a personality and a sense of mystery with an unmistakably abstract subject. When positioned next to a neutral colour palette, as the image above proves, the bold oversized format of the abstract art performs as eye-catching yet elegantly tasteful wall art. 

 A single focal artwork needs an ample wall space that would be large enough to allow it to breathe and maintain a sense of simplicity in a room. Bette Oil Painting is a remarkable interior addition with its playful image, reimagining a fashionable lady blowing bubble gum, that is perfectly presented in a chick black metal frame. For those who enjoy contemporary art, this expressive image marries bold lines and colours in a striking composition. 

These were just some ideas that can be applied to achieve a better home decoration with the help of wall art. Sotti&Co’s brand new paintings would make a good gift to any oil painting lover. All pieces come framed assuring a smooth process of hanging the new additions to any empty space in need of a quality upgrade.


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