Furniture Tips For First Time Home Buyers

Furniture Tips For First Time Home Buyers

Buying your first home? Well, that is an exhilarating experience. It gives you the freedom and thrill to embellish and decorate a brand new space. Even so, the entire experience can be daunting. I mean, you have to come up with design ideas, decide on styling options, and furniture choices. Fortunately, at Sotti & Co, we work with first-time home buyers like you who are overwhelmed by the options and choices available to them.

In this post, we have curated a comprehensive list of design and furniture tips for first-time homebuyers like you. This will help you stay focused, calm, and enjoy the experience of furnishing your first home. Have a look!


Furniture Must-Haves for Your First Home

In a new home, there are a few furniture pieces that are must-haves. These areas are perfect places to start furnishing when looking to transform your new place.


A Dining Table

If you have a dining room in your new home, a dining table should be one of the pieces that you should consider buying. If you invest in a high-quality and well-made table, it is going to serve you for years. Since this is your first home, and your family is bound to grow, you should look for an extendable dining table. You can keep such a table compact for now to suit your needs and when your family grows or have visitors around, you can extend it to full length. In our store, we have a Florian Ash Dining Table that will suit your dining needs.

Timeless and calm, this dining table exudes earthy energy. This smooth statement piece creates the perfect space for staging those important social gatherings. Made of swirly-grain Japanese ash wood that demonstrates the presence of organic nature, the dining table tastefully merges almost anywhere in the abode. The symmetrical frame that supports the look of evident style will capture the attention of even the most demanding guests.


A High-Quality Sofa 

A sofa needs to be stylish and comfortable but be sure to invest in a high-quality one that will last for years to come. A good sofa should be built with a solid frame, durable fabrics and be neutral so that it can match and complement décor ideas and color schemes. A typical mistake that many first-time homebuyers make is buying cheap and low-quality sofas that degrade in a few years. Avoid this and invest in high quality and contemporary sofa that you are going to depend on for several years.

In our store, we have a high-quality Diana 3 Seater Minimalist Sofa that will satisfy your needs and preferences. It is a piece that will anchor your living room in sophisticated style and impeccable comfort. Founded atop swanky brushed brass legs, this piece’s clean-lined frame is crafted from solid wood board which supports the high-density foam padding for lasting comfort, upholstered with linen fabric in a vibrant ivory hue for a glamorous look. In other words, this impressive sofa offers your home a charming modern upgrade and makes any interior space into a stunning masterpiece.


Coffee Tables

When you first move into your new house, coffee tables are a perfect alternative to nesting tables. This is due to the reason that you might not be sure of how to layout and style your rooms yet. In such a case, go for coffee tables since these offer ample table pace in common areas such as rec rooms, living rooms, and dens. A coffee table also gives you flexibility when it comes to design.

It is also easy to move them to a bedroom or other rooms in your house. Since coffee tables are small and compact, they are easy to transfer to other rooms or spaces as you redecorate your house. As you learn more about your house and your style comes together, you can then go ahead and purchase nesting tables.

In our collection, we have a Lanty Coffee Table that will make a perfect addition to your new home. Lanty is an excellent hand-finished coffee table made of Elmwood and metal proceeded by Sotti and Co. A real eye-catcher for a stylish living environment. Invite the modern glamour of the Lanty Coffee Table into your home.


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