5 Ways To Decorate A Modern Dining Room

5 Ways To Decorate A Modern Dining Room

Dining rooms are special spaces that are often reserved just for dining. That means that, unlike other rooms in your home, you’ll want to keep the look of your dining room simple and clean, yet still stylish enough to impress guests.

Fortunately, that doesn’t mean you can’t create a space that’s both clean and stylish; by adding modern touches to your dining room design, you can achieve exactly this goal. Here are five tips to decorate a modern dining room.

1. Keep it simple

Modernism emphasises simple shapes and lines, so keep that in mind as you select your furniture. Modernists also typically prefer clean, uncluttered surfaces—which means less is more when it comes to decorating your dining room.

Rather than opting for an ornate candelabra or chandelier, which could be too much for minimal space, consider using fewer decorative elements and opting for sleek accent pieces instead.

For example, if you have two chairs at each place setting, opt for one large sculpture rather than four smaller ones on each side of the table. In our collection of decorative items, we have a Dalí Glass & Gold Vase that will go well with any dining room furniture. Inspired by legendary artist Salvador Dalí, our Dalí vase offers a unique high-end look to any interior. Make your flowers & plants pop with this statement piece.

2. Incorporate colour

When you’re trying to inject some energy into your space, choose your palette carefully. Vibrant blues or greens can make a huge impact on a white or neutral dining room, for example.

If you’re going for a more minimalist look, consider going monochromatic—using similar shades throughout your entire space. White walls and furniture work especially well with subtle pops of colour.

If you want something that feels less formal but still works with multiple patterns and styles of furniture, try complementary colours—colours that sit across from each other on the colour wheel.

This can create interesting combinations between walls and pieces of furniture. If you are looking for an artistic way to decorate your dining room, we have a large collection of wall art that will inject some positive energy.

Our Zeto Oil Painting is one of the best pieces. Its glamorous colour contrasts dominate the entire rhythm of the artwork, making it ideal for pristine contemporary settings.

3. Play on scale

In general, small objects look better in small rooms and large objects look better in large rooms. To have an effective design you have to play with the scale, size, and shape of each element of decoration.

For example, a ceiling light can be huge or tiny depending on its use. A good rule is that smaller pieces should make up about one-third of your decor while larger items make up two-thirds.

So if you have wall decor taking up half your space—something's off! It might be time for some new, bigger pieces! If you're on a budget though, it might be best to start small and grow into more extravagant pieces as you build up your home.

4. Create interesting shapes

Don’t feel like you have to fill your wall space with rectangular, straight lines. Create shapes with your art, like an L-shape or an arch. This will create depth and keep things visually interesting.

If you don’t want to hang things on your walls, look for decorative objects that make shapes - like vases in curvy shapes, or sculptures made in unusual geometric shapes - for an easy way to introduce visual interest into your home.

5. Play on texture

Rather than limiting yourself to solely wooden or metal elements, why not use both? Wood provides warmth and sophistication, while metal is often cold and industrial—but if you introduce them in combination, you can take advantage of these two extremes.

For example, wood floors plus metal furniture might seem too much at first glance; but by using these materials together in complementary ways (like pairing wooden side chairs with wrought iron legs), you’ll give your space depth without overpowering it. Play around with these combinations to see what works best for your home.

Select the right furniture

When you're choosing furniture for your dining area, think about how your pieces will complement each other. For example, if you have a round table, matching chairs should have curved backs and arms to complement it.

If there's more than one type of furniture in your area, avoid making it look cluttered by combining different textures and patterns in similar colours (for example leather chairs with polished wood trim). If you want a dining set that will stand out, check out our Florian Ash Dining Table.

Timeless and calm, Florian Ash Dining Table exudes earthy energy. The smooth statement piece creates the perfect space for staging those important social gatherings.

Made of swirly-grain Japanese ash wood that demonstrates the presence of organic nature, the dining table tastefully merges almost anywhere in the abode. The symmetrical frame that supports the look of evident style will capture the attention of even the most demanding guests.


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